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Systems Engineering (SE)

Make sure you are in control of the project requirements, work packages, risks, scope of work, permits and organization by using Relatics. We offer support for development, setup and maintenance of your Relatics environment. 

We combine our knowledge of construction projects with the skills to build or work with the Relatics application. 

Document Control

Probably 95% of all project information is stored in documents. Keeping this flow of information under control is a crucial part in any project’s succes. We assist by helping the project team be aware of the importance of good document control, but also pro-actively correct any mistakes that might slip in.

BIM Coordination

Setting up clash reports, validating models in accordance to the BIM execution plan. Delivering data from directly from the models so your team can work integrate it in their own processes. MEP – Structural or Architectural.

BIM done with our coordinators delivers results.

4D Planning

Construction projects are not static environments, they are dynamic and have many interacting pieces. By combining your BIM models with time, we can create sequencing, bid animations or produce detailled workplans for your project. You will gain enormous insight in your project, before you have even started.


we use the following tools to produce better results than you are used to.