we love technology. we love construction.


building a digital and AI-powered construction industry.

Software is eating the world

Sometimes you need a custom solution to solve a problem. We build small to medium sized application for these cases

Traditionally software development is seen as a risky and expensive undertaking. We believe it doesn’t have to be that way.

We will make the development process super transparent. No surprises , just results. We build apps on certain principles as shown on the right.

Proven Tech Stack

We build our apps on with a tech stack that has proven it’s worth. With built in security (security by design), easy scaling if required.

Open Communication

We understand the development process can feel like a black box to you. We communicate every step of the process with you in terms that are clear and simple to understand.

Continuous Integration & Deployment

We apply this approach so we can deliver your app in no time and continue to build features without any downtime. We integrate extensive testing to make sure it works optimal and as intended.

Agile way of working

Our team loves to work in sprints in which they can build your solution and its features. The process is lead by our product owner.

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our tech stack is built on the following components